Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finding Fiction

Can't decide what book to read next? We can help!

Next time you're in the library, stop by the reference desk to see if we can give you some ideas.
Or if you want to do some book hunting from your computer at home, (or even while you're here), try out our new book recommendation database, Novelist .

Novelist can give you suggestions based on your favorite titles or authors. It can also tell you about books that have similar settings or themes.

So, check it out- your next great read is waiting!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fforde is Fun!!

Ever wish you could step into a book and talk with your favorite characters? Do you wonder why the 3 Little Bears each had their own bed or just what Humpty Dumpty was doing on that wall when he fell? Do you think the Gingerbread man is just a teeny bit creepy? Well then check out the wonderfully wacky book world of Jasper Fforde.

In his first series, Fforde has created an amazing alternate world in which Special Operative Thursday Next (star of the Thursday Next Series) can step into the book world to mingle with such memorable literary characters as Miss Haversham (Great Expectations) Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre) and the Cheshire Cat (of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass fame). In book one (The Eyre Affair), Thursday must save a kidnapped Jane Eyre from the evil Acheron Hades. Later books chronicle Thursday's adventures in the book world while in the witness protection program.

(Thursday Next Series: The Eyre Affair; Lost in a Good Book; The Well of Lost Plots; Something Rotten)

Classis British literature not your style? Check out Fforde's Nursery Crime Series. Join detectives Jack Spratt and Mary Mary of the Nursery Crime Division as they attempt to solve the murder of Humpty Dumpty and the case of the 4th Bear. But be sure to watch out for Jack's nemesis- that homicidal maniac, the Gingerbread Man.

(Nursery Crime Series: The Big Over Easy; The Fourth Bear)

**Warning- an active imagination and a love of great literary characters are a prerequisite for enjoying these books.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Releases on DVD

For the Family
The Shaggy Dog {Widescreen}
Running Time: 1hr 38min
Rating: PG {Contains some mild rude humor}
Subtitles: French and Spanish
Status: In stores now on DVD

Summary: Tim Allen transforms from family dad to family dog and back again in this update of the Disney comedy. It all begins when workaholic Deputy D.A. Dave Douglas (Allen) takes on a case involving an animal laboratory -- one that will take him away yet again from his wife and kids. But when Dave is accidentally infected with a top-secret, genetic-mutation serum, everything he thought he knew about himself and his family, changes. Yet with his newly perked-up ears, and his front-row seat on the household carpet, Dave is able to gain a whole new perspective into his family's secrets and dreams. Now, he wants nothing more than to stop fetching and return to fathering -- only first he'll have to stop the evil forces behind the serum.

DVD Extras: Bone-tickling bloopers ; Deleted scenes ; Audio commentary with director Brian Robbins and producer David Hoberman ; Bark-along 'bone-us' feature for your dog to enjoy

For Adults
V for Vendetta Special Edition {Widescreen}
Running Time: 2hrs 11min
Rating: R {Strong Violence and Language}
Subtitles: French, Spanish and English
Status: In stores now on DVD

A terrorist freedom fighter known only as "V" begins a violent guerilla campaign to destroy those who've succumbed to totalitarianism. Recruiting a young woman he's rescued from the secret police to join him, V vows to carry out the plot that Guy Fawkes was executed for attempting on November 5th in 1605: he will blow up Parliament.

DVD Extras:
Disc 1: The Making of V for Vendetta
Disc 2: Designing the Near Future ; Remember, Remember: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot ; England Prevails: V for Vendetta and the new wave in comics ; Cat Power Montage Theatrical trailer

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