Wednesday, December 07, 2005


At its October Board meeting, the Library Board of Trustees unanimously approved joining the SWAN computer library network of the Metropolitan Library System. During the coming year, the Library will be engaged in a process of switching over, or ’migrating’, to the new SWAN library catalog. We hope to have the new SWAN system up and running by the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year (August 2006).

Why now? The Library’s current system is rapidly reaching obsolescence and it will soon no longer be supported by the company that designed it. The system isn’t representative of current library practices - especially as we’ve moved to a web-based era - and has been limiting to both patrons and library staff members.

Over the summer months, we solicited and received input from a team of staff and community members regarding the selection of a new system. Members of the committee ultimately felt SWAN was the Library’s best choice due to long-term cost concerns as well as the frequently-heard desire to belong to the shared system that SWAN represents. We’re confident the Library is moving in the right direction and would like to thank patrons Barbara Deibert and Janette Marsala, as well as the many staff members who shared opinions on this important topic.

Partnering in SWAN will not only modernize library service to our patrons – it will enable Brookfield patrons to access and borrow materials from our library as well as from 77 neighboring libraries - all with the click of the mouse. Once the system is up and running, patrons will quickly notice how easy accessing desired titles has become. Nearly all area libraries belong to the SWAN consortium, including Lyons, McCook, La Grange, La Grange Park, Riverside, and North Riverside Public Libraries.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months on the Library’s move to join SWAN. The Library is looking forward to working with a 21st century library system and will be happy to be providing patrons with a much sought-after service.

We welcome your comments and questions about this exciting change. Please watch this blog for news and updates as the migration progresses.


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